Voice of Blood

Color Grading / Short Film

Kent and Allen are brothers that have been recently promoted within the mob family for which they work.  However, the promotion turns sour when Kent’s greed and lust for power begin to guide all of his actions.

Watch the full film here.

Based on the ancient story of Cain and Abel, this modernized re-imagining explores what it means to be family and what people will do to survive.
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For more information, visit my blog.

written & directed

produced by
Claire Gambrell & David Tregde

executive producer
Nicole Triche

executive producers
Mark Tregde
Gregory Roman
Leslie Roman
Curt Feldman

director of photography
Kara Johnson

production designer
Brittany Barbieri

Mariah Czap

Robert Watts

Jordan Roman

Logan Sutton

Molly Dougherty

Jennifer Roberts

Dylan Moon

the boss
Kirby Wahl

2nd unit director
Michael Tahan

location manager/associate producer
Mia Watkins

1st assistant camera/glidecam operator
Jon Smith

production assistants
Tyler Oberle & Eric Hernandez

Tina Tozzi & Melissa Conner

prop & costume supervisor
Avery Ecker

sound recordist & mixer
Ben Soldate

assistant sound technician
Madeleine Stokowski

graphics & digital effects
Tregde Media

color grading
Tregde Media

set photography
William Simon

set videography
Tyler Oberle

-Financiers & Special Thank-
Patty Gliniewicz
Jordan Roman
Donald Schneider
Jon Tregde

-Special Thanks-
Claire Gambrell
Jonathan Tregde
Keith & Loretta Jones
Paul Castro
Nizar Wattad
J McMerty
Youssef Osman
Elaine Roussel
Mark Timmel
Jazebel’s Jazz Bistro
Elon University

Filmed on location in Elon, Durham, and Charlotte, North Carolina

Equipment provided by Elon University

©2013 Tregde Media. All Rights Reserved.